Living at Heart of the City means you’re surrounded by more than the culture & commerce of a city centre…

The open & green spaces make Sheffield one of Englands greenest cities with a warm welcome you’ll feel at home.

We’re creating a mix of apartments & townhouses, designed for living, being built to a high specification that will set new standards in the city centre. The new homes will continue build our permanent city centre community.

Sheffield is a living city that’s down to earth and friendly - native or newcomer, all are welcome to the Heart of the City.

The northern capital of cool

Sheffield's in its own class

Jane Doyle from The Sunday Times made this statement during 2018. This fact is only being reinforced as the years pass

56 new homes

in the city centre

Heart of the City is developing 4 townhouses in Laycock House & 52 apartments in Burgess House in this phase of the development.

Sheffield Facts & FIGURES
We’re recreating streets that will become a source of constant discovery, a streetscape that blends seamlessly into the cities vibrant & rich mix of galleries & museums, restaurants & bars, shops & socialising, music & art.

This is the heart of the outdoor city, voted the best city in the UK for countryside lovers, with the Peak District on your doorstep and an endless choice of outdoors pursuits.

Welcome to Heart of the City. A place to make yourself at home.

700+ green spaces

across the city

80 public parks & 650 green & open spaces in additional to 61% of Sheffield is made up of green spaces like parks, gardens & countryside.

Alongside our central apartments & townhouses, other residential areas are being developed at Heart of the City.

Kangaroo Works, 340 high-quality homes on the corner of Rockingham & Wellington Street & premium student accommodation by VITA Students at Telephone House on Charter Row.

3 national prizes awarded

to sheffield city centre for safety

Also the city centre was the first city in the region to be awarded Purple Flag Status –a standard of excellence for managing night time economy.

205.02% cheaper

To live in Sheffield than london

Compared with other major cities in the World (& the UK), house & flat prices in Sheffield are reasonable.

The friendly city

We like a conversation

We are a community-driven city, built on friendly interactions. Don’t be scared if a stranger says hello or a conversation comes out of nowhere!

Sheffield Facts & FIGURES
Sheffield’s particular brand of Northern kindness is worth the visit alone. It’s a city of people who immediately behave as if they’ve been putting up with you for years.
David Levesley, Journalist at GQ

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